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for the following companies:

We bring our payments solutions to businesses wherever they are

Because of our connections, we can provide custom-built payment integrations to companies all around the world.

You can have access to all of our knowledge, no matter what your business. Our high-availability payment integration will provide you the most strong and reliable services.

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End-to-end payment
integration solutions tailored
to your business needs

Whether you own an e-commerce business or a gambling platform, our payments experts can help you build a custom-made solution that fits your specific needs.

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Secured data

Plaid Coders adheres to the most recent security and privacy standards, so you can be confident that your data is secure and in safe hands.

Zero downtime

We optimize our architecture for stability, ensuring that your payments are always available, even if the rest of your product is down.

Scale without worry

Plaid Coders use cutting-edge technology to manage and process data of any size or complexity, allowing you to expand your business without worrying about your payment system.

24-7 support

We offer immediate and personalized payment management support, ensuring that your questions are answered and problems are resolved as soon as possible.

Technology that radically changes
how you do business

Unified platform

Simplify your payments with a single, uniform API that scales with your company needs.

Global payment

Expand globally with local acquisition in major markets. Get support for popular currencies and payment methods.

Data & insight

Get a completely transparent overview of your payment data, as well as fast insights for better decision making.

Our solutions


Unify your payments architecture across all channels and manage all your terminals and e-commerce activities via a single infrastructure.


As an experienced payment processing partner, we ensure smooth payment transactions that provide your consumers with a quick and enjoyable purchasing experience.

Dynamic routing

We help you maximize your revenue by raising transaction acceptance rates by employing custom rules to route transactions across payment providers in real-time.


We help you control unit costs and spot fee anomalies by facilitating commission tracking across suppliers, markets, and payment methods.


Make data-driven decisions and simplify payment administration with our platform, which turns big data into easy-to-understand information and valuable insights.

Fraud risk management

We help you in securing your payment system by checking each transaction for fraud using custom blocking rules. Stay informed with real-time notifications based on specific transactions and user profiling.

Plaid Coders provides you with the only
payment integration you'll ever need

We are by your side at every step of the way. Start receiving online payments the easy way!

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